Motocross is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports in the world. Not only are the bikes heavy, the explosive power of their engine takes an incredible amount of strength, balance, and stamina to control. Add to that the forces of stopping the bike and the punishment from the ground when the terrain gets really rough, pumping your arms, legs, torso etc., and if all that doesn't get you, then try lifting the bike and kicking it back into life after a crash!

Schoolboy races are usually between 15 to 20 minutes long with up to 40 riders in a race. During a motocross event a rider will have 1 practice session and 3 races thoughout the day. The races are extremely intense with no time to rest or relax. Aggressive physical contact with other bikes and riders is a regular part of the sport with breathing and vision often impaired as your goggles and helmet are pounded by the mud and rocks thrown up from the rear wheels of your competitors.


Callum enjoys being physically active and takes his training very seriously. His main preparation is achieved from regular riding sessions on his practice bike either on his private track, which is kept as rough and demanding as possible, or at various professional practice tracks around the country. When preparing for a new season Callum's physical fitness program starts in December with regular Circuit Training, Boot Camp sessions, Swimming, Running and Mountain Biking, combined with his favourite sports of BMX, basketball & football. This training is kept fun and enjoyable by his personal trainer, Andrew Gamble of Body Basics Fitness, whose experience and guidance are a valuable asset to the team.



A quote from Speed TV - Most of those who closely follow the sport of motocross will tell you that motocross racers are some of the fittest athletes in the world. Someone who would know is Dr. Jeff Spencer, who has trained athletes like Lance Armstrong (cycling) and Chad Reed (motocross). When asked to compare the fitness level of Lance Armstrong to a top motocross racer, Dr. Spencer said, "Motocross by far requires the highest level of combined fitness of any sport on the face of the Earth, bar none." He continued, "I've spent 5 Tours (Tour de France) with Lance Armstrong and Lance is no slouch. But Lance's overall general fitness doesn't even compare to the overall fitness of a motocross racer."

Fatcats Practice Track, Doncaster. Callum's Winter Home!


Fort William, Scotland, August 2013

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