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24 January 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - North Newbald Winter Championship - Round 2 Race 1 - 5th Race 2 - 5th Race 3 - 4th Overall - 4th

It was a cold & muddy day that greeted us at North Newbald for my first race of 2010 and the first time I would use my new bike in anger. Things didn't quite go to plan at the start of my first race when I hit neutral on the start line instead of 2nd gear! I soon got going and made some quick passes on the first lap. I got into 5th place, but my bike wasn't handling the track very well. I didn't know what was wrong, but my Dad kept signalling for me to concentrate and ride smooth (he's normally telling me to go faster!). After the race he told me I had punctured the rear tyre on lap 2, and that I did really well to finish the race as the bike was sliding all over the place!

In the 2nd race I worked my way into 5th place again on the first lap and stayed there until the finish. I had a bit of pressure from the rider behind, but I kept focusing ahead on my lines and didn't let him distract me. I eventually pulled a gap on him when we were passing some lapped riders.

It was getting very cold and dark by the 3rd race as we were the last group of the day. I spent most of the race in a safe 6th place until the leaders started crashing, which helped me into 4th place, for 4th overall.

Not a bad start to the year, but I need a lot more practice on the new bike, which has been almost impossible due to all the recent snow. The bike's better than my old one, but the power and handling are totally different. I made a few mistakes with the gears when I was powering out of corners and up hills and I was slower going into the corners as I don't feel as confident on it yet. Lots of work to do in the coming weeks, but these early races are useful warm-ups before the main championships start in the Spring.

14 February 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Grangemoor Winter Championship - Round 3 Race 1 - 10th Race 2 - 12th Race 3 - 12th Overall - 11th

Final position Winter Championship - 5th

The track was a bit frozen first thing in the morning, but soon thawed to make things very wet and slippy in practice. I had a small crash when I lost the front end round a muddy corner. The track was much better for the races and improved as the day went on. It got really technical and fun to ride, by the last race the track was really rough. I felt good on the track and very in control, but for some reason the speed just wasn't there for a good result today. No excuses, I just need to speed up a bit and get more aggressive round the corners. I'll be practicing really hard this week in the school holidays!

7 March 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Grangemoor 65cc Junior Championship - Round 1 Race 1 - 4th Race 2 - 4th Race 3 - 4th Overall - 4th

After some disapponting recent results me and my Dad have travelled allover, practicing really hard in all weather, working on my speed and agression until my hands were too blistered to ride! I've also been training intensely with Andy Gamble from Body Basics Fitness and watching all the Rocky movies to get me fired up!

The hard work seems to be paying off and my speed and results were much better today. I was getting great starts and led the last race into the first corner until Keenan Hird flew past round the outside of me, but he's one of the favourites to win this years British Championship, so I'm not too disappointed about that!

11 April 2010 WRMX Club - Rowley 65cc Junior Championship - Round 3 Race 1 - 2nd best lap 2m 21s Race 2 - 5th best lap 2m 24s Race 3 - 4th best lap 2m 25s Overall - 4th

Unfortunately I missed round 2 of the championship as I had a big crash on my BMX which resulted in a trip to Scarborough Hospital and a visit to the dentist to have my front teeth glued back into position - nice!

I was really fired up to start clawing back some vital championship points and I did pretty well on the steep hilly circuit at Rowley. The first race was one of my best ever races, I couldn't quite catch the leader, but I fought hard for 2nd place. I was lying in 3rd place in the 2nd race until I made a couple of mistakes in the deep rutted corners. I had 2 crashes which lost me a lot of places, although I finally got back up to 5th. I was really mad with myself after that race so I went and watched some of the other races to study the best lines around the corners. 3rd race was OK, I had some more great battles and managed to stay on this time! Check out my new Dermasilk in deutschland kaufen.

18 April 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Bielby 65cc Junior Championship - Round 4 Race 1 - 13th best lap 2m 17s Race 2 - 5th best lap 2m 13s Race 3 - 6th best lap 2m 16s Overall - 6th

I did a lot of practicing in the deep sand at Finningley in the week before this event, so I was really looking forward to it. The weather had been dry for the past couple of weeks so the track had been heavily watered to keep the dust down. It was a bit of a mess when we first walked the track, lots of very boggy parts and massive ruts left by the tractors wheels. It was going to be a tough day!

Practice went OK, we were the 3rd group out so the track was still very wet. I nearly had a big crash down the finish straight when my front wheel stopped dead in a deep bog. The bike stood up on its front wheel, but I just managed to keep my balance without going over the bars. I punctured the rear tyre on the last lap of practice and I also decided to change the gearing for the races so my mechanics (Dad & Grandad) had plenty of work to do!

I got off to a great start in the first race, but lost the front end round the 4th corner. I was in 3rd place, but couldn't pick my bike up until all the other riders had gone past. I got going again and re-joined the race at the back. Now it was time to start my charge and I passed riders wherever I could. I got back up to a good position, but I had to go off the dry line to make another pass and got the bike totally stuck in another bog which was as deep as my wheels. My dad had to lift the bike out before I could get going again. Unfortunately I ran out of time and ended up down in 13th place.

My starts were good in the 2nd & 3rd races as well, but my speed wasn't quite enough to stick with the leaders. I had some more bad luck in the 2nd race when the throttle cable adjuster came loose and my bike was stuck on full revs, I had to pull in for a pit stop and my Dad quickly spotted the problem and fixed it without me loosing a place in the race, he now thinks he's some sort of Formula One mechanic!!!

Overall it was a good day on a very demanding, technical track. Hopefully my luck will be better at the next races...

25 April 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Dalton 65cc Junior Championship - Round 5 Race 1 - 2nd Best lap 2m 6s Race 2 - 3rd Best lap 2m 1s Race 3 - 14th Best lap 2m 15s Overall - 4th

It was good to get back on my practice track this week, first time in about 6 months due to the bad weather. It was nice and rough with a few new jumps and Wednesday night practice is a big help with my racing.

Dalton was really dry and dusty, but the track team kept it well watered. I had my best ever start to the day when I holeshot the first race and led for the first few corners, then my good mate Matteo Minchella did a great pass on me and took over the lead. Championship leader Nathan Claughan then came past and the pace at the front was really hotting up. Matteo eventually made a mistake and went down, moving me into 2nd place. Ryan Garthwaite then started to catch me and was piling on the pressure from behind, but I stayed focused on the track ahead and didn't let him bother me. I held on to finish in second, but it had been a great experience to lead a race for the first time.

The pace in the 2nd race was quick again, the track was drier and faster with some deep dusty berms building up in the corners. You had to be careful not to go too wide or you'd sink in the dust! I got another good start and finished the race in 3rd place behind Nathan and Ryan.

I was tied for 2nd place before the last race and was hopeful of getting a top 3 overall. There was a heavy rain shower while we were sat on the start line which was going to cause problems in making the dust stick to our goggles. I didn't get such a good jump out of the gate this time and rounded the first corner in about 8th place. I made a few early passes and was battling with Connor Fish for 5th place, we headed round a corner side-by-side and I planned to pass him on the outside of the corner after a downhill jump, but after we landed over the jump there was a crashed rider on the racing line picking his bike up. Connor managed to get round him, but I was boxed in and couldn't avoid crashing. I eventually re-joined the race right near the back and started passing riders on a charge through the pack. I made up a lot of places but went wide into a deep berm a few corners from the end and crashed again. When I eventually got going I was so fired up I revved the bike like crazy and it flipped me off the back, so down again, what a nightmare!

Anyway, I somehow managed to hang onto 4th overall which wasn't bad, the other riders must have had bad luck aswell. I just need to string 3 good races together and have a day without bad luck, maybe next week!

First race holeshot
2 May 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Grangemoor 65cc Junior Championship - Round 6 Race 1 - 4th best lap 2m 22s Race 2 - 7th best lap 2m 19s Race 3 - 4th best lap 2m 19s Overall - 4th

The track was great, very dry weather, but watered well by the club in the morning to make a good choice of lines in the corners. Some very fast riders were entered, including Keenan Hird, current leader of the Red Bull Elite British Championship. I got a decent start in the first race and held 4th place until the end. I was a bit slow out of the gate in the 2nd race and got pushed wide round the first corner, I lost a few places and struggled to pass the riders in front. A disappointing race! My dad changed the rear sprocket for the 3rd race to give me more acceleration for making passes and it seemed to work. Another 4th place and 4th overall. I've now moved into 2nd place in the championship.

16 May 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Finningley 65cc Junior Championship - Round 8 Race 1 - 17th best lap 2m 13s Race 2 - 12th best lap 2m 14s Race 3 - 12th best lap 2m 13s Overall - 14th

With 37 riders entered including several BYMX British Championship racers this was going to be a tough day. The track was awesome, deep dry sand that got rougher every lap! My starts weren't great all day which made the first few corners a bit of a battle with so many bikes trying to squeeze through. I crashed on the 2nd corner in the 1st race when I was trying to overtake through the deep sand. I re-joined the race in last place and made a big charge through to 17th place. I was mad about the crash, but very pleased with my speed & riding. I decided to be a bit more patient at the start of the later races, just survive the first few corners and then charge for the rest of the laps. It seemed to work OK, no more crashes and the overall result wasn't too bad considering all the new riders who turned up today.

6 June 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Grangemoor 65cc Junior Championship - Round 9 Race 1 - 6th best lap 3m 05s Race 2 - 8th best lap 2m 43s Race 3 - 6th best lap 2m 33s Overall - 7th

We were all expecting this to be a very dry race with all the recent hot weather and the club had been watering the track before the event, but on race day it rained all day long! The track was very slippy, but improved through the day with each race. My day got off to a great start when I holeshot Race 1, I got passed by a couple of faster riders early on and settled into 3rd place, disaster then struck as I lost grip round a corner and crashed, I didn't lose too much time though and rejoined the race, then I crashed again on the last lap when I had to go off the racing line to get round a fallen rider. I was really fired up for the start of the 2nd race and went for the holeshot again. I pulled into the lead heading into the first corner, but braked a bit too hard on the slippy surface and lost the front end, I went from 1st to last in a split second and by the time I got going everyone else was out of sight. Time to get my head down and put in some fast laps! I soon started to catch up and it turned into a really enjoyable race, my speed was good, I had some great lines and made some nice passes. I eventually made it up to 8th place. I was a bit too cautious going into the first corner of the 3rd race as I didn't want to go down again, I was in about 8th place, but the track had now developed 1 main dry racing line and it was hard to overtake. I caught up to Matteo Minchella with a couple of laps to go, but our speeds were evenly matched and I couldn't make a pass. A good tough day overall, with plenty of excitement, and some useful championship points.

13 June 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Bielby 65cc Junior Championship - Round 10 Race 1 - 2nd best lap 1m 52s Race 2 - 2nd best lap 1m 55s Race 3 - 4th best lap 1m 54s Overall - 3rd

I trained and practiced really hard all week and everything went pretty well today, good starts and decent speed. Made a mistake in the 3rd race when I lost the front end chasing the leader into a sandy corner and dropped from 2nd place to 5th. I soon caught the riders up who passed me when I went down, but I just couldn't find a way past unless I took them out! Really annoyed as it cost me 2nd place overall. Roll on next week...

20 June 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Dalton 65cc Junior Championship - Round 11 Race 1 - 4th best lap 1m 54s Race 2 - 3rd best lap 1m 58s Race 3 - 2nd best lap 2m 01s Overall - 3rd

A hot, dry dusty day, but the track team did a great job with the watering. First race didn't go quite to plan when the rider next to me crashed into the start gate, which held my gate up for a couple of extra seconds, I was already a few bike lengths behind the leaders by the time I set off. A few early passes on the first lap got me up to 4th behind Matteo Minchella and we had another one of our great battles for the rest of the race. I got better starts for the 2nd & 3rd races and just concentrated on riding smoothly as the track got rougher throughout the day. I was pleased with my results especially as I'd injured my finger in a mid-week practice crash and I was also very tired from lack of sleep on a school holiday to Robin Hoods Bay LOL!

Best wishes to Elliot Barrass who broke his femur on the uphill double jump in the 2nd 65 race and was airlifted to hospital, best wishes to his Dad John aswell, who broke his collarbone in one of the adult races about half an hour earlier! An unlucky day for the Barrass family, hope you both have speedy recoveries!

13 June 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Grangemoor 65cc Junior Championship - Round 12 Race 1 - 2nd best lap 2m 17s Race 2 - 2nd best lap 2m 26s Race 3 - 2nd best lap 2m 15s Overall - 2nd

Probably the driest, windiest, dustiest motocross I've ever been to. The rock-hard track was very challenging as the tyres had nothing to bite into, you had to be very smooth on the throttle otherwise the back wheel would just spin out, as I found out with a crash in practice! It was even worse when the track was watered to keep the dust down, it was like riding on ice. We were going to change to hard surface tyres for the races, but my Spare Wheel Manager (Dad) forgot to bring all the spare wheels! So after strict instructions from my Race Tactics Supervisor (Dad) to stay on the bike, I went out and got three good starts and three safe 2nd places. Highlight of the day was getting the holeshot in the 3rd race and leading for the first lap (a birthday present for my Grandma!). I knew Nathan Claughan would soon be coming after me, but I held onto the lead as long as I could without risking a crash in the tricky conditions. He out-braked me into a corner at the top of a long uphill straight and I settled into 2nd place again. Not the most exciting days racing, but loads of valuable championship points in the bag.

18 July 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Armthorpe 65cc Junior Championship - Round 13 Race 1 - 3rd best lap 1m 49s Race 2 - 3rd best lap 1m 49s Race 3 - 7th best lap 1m 50s Overall - 4th

The last time I raced at Armthorpe was my first ever race on a 65 in April 2008, so I was hoping for a better performance today! The track was perfectly prepared, ripped really deep making it very loose and sandy. I stuggled to get out of the gate in the first 2 races, not sure why, maybe my reactions were just a bit slow. I quickly moved up to 3rd in both races, and had some good battles with Matteo Minchella and Aaron Stewart. I finally sorted out my start for the last race and exited the first corner in 2nd place. I dropped down to 3rd on the first lap, then just tried to keep with the leaders. I wasn't much off their pace and concentrated on my lines as the track was getting hard and dry with lots of loose stones to catch you out in the corners. Aaron Stewart was soon up behind me again and started piling on the pressure. He showed his front wheel a couple of times, but I managed to keep ahead of him. On the last lap Aaron crashed and my Dad signalled that I had a huge lead over the 4th placed rider. I only had 3 corners and 3 jumps left in the race, so another 3rd place was looking good. Then disaster struck, a rut on the top of a jump threw my back wheel sideways and I crashed. I couldn't believe it, I lost a load of places and eventually crossed the line in 7th, losing 3rd overall by 1 point... gutted! Oh well, that's racing!

Looking forward to a great week ahead now, training with pro Grand Prix rider James Noble at his private track on Wednesday, then my biggest event of the year on Saturday & Sunday - the YMSA UK Supernational at the awesome Skelder Bank track at Whitby. Wish me luck!

24-25 July 2010 Y.M.S.A. UK Supernational - Whitby 65cc Junior Championship Saturday Race 1 - 9th best lap 2m 46s Race 2 - 11th best lap 2m 49s Race 3 - 9th best lap 2m 49s Sunday Race 4 - 11th best lap 2m 45s Race 5 - 9th best lap 2m 46s Overall - 10th

My favourite event of the season at one of the best tracks in the UK. This race always attracts a full line-up of fast riders from all over the UK and Ireland and our aim was to finish in the top 10. The track was prepared to perfection, when we arrived it looked like a Grand Prix track, freshly graded and watered.

I had been training with pro Grand Prix rider James Noble at his private track during the week, so I was full of confidence. I ignored my Dad's instructions to take the first practice lap slowly and decided to double through the whoop section at my first attempt. Big mistake... Big Crash... sorry Dad!

The races went really well, probably the fastest I've ridden all season. I got good starts in all the races and was on the pace of a lot of riders who had beaten me in the past. I only really made one mistake in the races all weekend, I over-jumped a corner and landed right off the track. I didn't crash, but at least 3 riders got past me before I could get back in the race. If that hadn't happened I would have finished 8th overall as I only needed 2 more points! Oh well, still a great weekend.

8 August 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Bielby 65cc Junior Championship - Round 15 Race 1 - 7th best lap 1m 53s Race 2 - 10th best lap 1m 56s Race 3 - 7th best lap 1m 59s Overall - 6th

A nice big entry today with plenty of really fast riders. My riding was pretty good all day, but the bike wasn't running right and was lacking power coming out of the corners. We're not sure what the problem was, so Dad will be busy stripping things down in the garage this week!

Congratulations to Patrick Jackson on his first win in the Auto class. Well done mate!

15 August 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Dalton Yorkshire Air Ambulance Charity Motocross Race 1 - 5th best lap 1m 55s Race 2 - 4th best lap 1m 56s Race 3 - 4th best lap 1m 55s Overall - 4th

The bike problems from last week have now been sorted, the carburettor floats had been too high causing the engine to flood, probably due to Dad cleaning the carb with the air-line, he's now had his final written warning! The race format was changed for this event, with all the child classes racing in the morning and the adults in the afternoon. I really liked having all my races close together without having to wait around allday and we were back home nice and early. There was about 40 minutes between my races which was just enough time to have a drink and a mess about on my BMX while Dad prepared the bike. The races went well, I rode smooth & consistent without any mistakes, just need to work on my corner speed at the practice track this week, as I'm losing time on a of the few riders behind me in the championship.

15 Aug 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Delph Quarry 65cc Junior Championship - Round 16 Race 1 - 3rd best lap 2m 20s Race 2 - 3rd best lap 2m 14s Race 3 - 4th best lap 2m 13s Overall - 3rd

We tested my race bike at the practice track mid-week and realised the engine problem was still there, so my Dad decided we would race my practice bike until he can fix the race bike. It was our first time at Delph Quarry and I totally loved the track. It was really technical with plenty of tight sections and some awesome steep hills. We didn't know how competitive I would be on the older bike, but we were all smiling when I holeshot the first race! Nathan Claughan passed me on the first lap then Brad Lilburn got by later on and I didn't quite have the pace to catch them. I had some great battles with Matteo Minchella which was good as he had been flying past me at the last couple of events when I had bike problems. It was nice to sleep in the new van for the first time this weekend, a long sleep-in and a lovely hot shower at the track... living the dream!

5 September 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Grangemoor 65cc Junior Championship - Round 17 Race 1 - 4th best lap 2m 26s Race 2 - 4th best lap 2m 26s Race 3 - 4th best lap 2m 25s Overall - 4th

The track had been changed for this event, it had some new jumps and we rode it in the opposite direction. The start straight was shorter with a very tight first corner. I chose a gate at the far right of the grid to give me an inside line into the corner which worked well as I holeshot the first race and had good starts all day. The track was nice and fast and I enjoyed it this way round, but some of the new jumps dug out badly and developed kickers on the take-offs. There were a lot of crashes and I had a very hard landing in morning practice, so I didn't risk anything and scored some good championship points. The bike ran well today, except when the power valve blew up in the last race covering everything with oil.

12 September 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Armthorpe 65cc Junior Championship - Round 18 Race 1 - 5th best lap 1m 48s Race 2 - 4th best lap 1m 49s Race 3 - 3rd best lap 1m 49s Overall - 3rd

I wasn't looking forward to this event as I had a massive crash when I practiced on the Armthorpe track a couple of weeks ago. I'm still not sure how it happened, but me and my practice bike got pretty beaten up by one of the many jumps! And the last time I raced here I was caught out by a kicker on a jump on the last lap of the day that lost me 3rd place overall, so I was a bit nervous and rode cautiously today. In the end it paid off because there were loads of crashes as the jumps dug out and I pretty much cruised to 3rd place. Sometimes you've just got to ride steady and use your head in this sport!

Best wishes to Sam Price who I trained with in July, he won the first 2 races today, but got badly injured in a 3rd race crash. Get well soon mate!

19 September 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Bielby 65cc Junior Championship - Round 19 Race 1 - 8th best lap 3m 23s Races 2 & 3 cancelled due to weather & dangerous track Overall - 8th

The heavy rain started at 4am Sunday morning and never stopped all day. The track looked OK in the morning, but under the surface a bottomless mud pit was lurking! The race was really hard work, but great fun. Riders were crashing everywhere and it was a major challenge just to keep moving. I got a good start in 4th or 5th position then my bike hit a solid hole after the 2nd corner and stopped dead, throwing me over the bars. I rejoined the race at the back and soon made a few passes. I got stuck behind a few other crashed riders and had another 2 crashes myself! I didn't have a clue where I finished in the race, apparently I got up to about 4th position before my last crash dropped me down to 8th. A busy day for my mechanic and I think he was relieved when the meeting got cancelled after the first block of racing.

26 September 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Dalton 65cc Junior Championship - Round 20 Race 1 - 2nd best lap 2m 4s Race 2 - 4th best lap 2m 2s Race 3 - 3rd best lap 2m 5s Overall - 3rd

This was the last round of the championship and I couldn't be beaten for 2nd place, so the pressure was off today. The track was amazingly dry after a week of torrential rain and the club had done a great job with the track preparation. Things started well in the first race when I got the holeshot and led the early part of the race. I was soon passed by eventual winner Ben Ruddick who was absolutely flying! I remember watching him win the auto class years ago before I even started racing, so it was no disappointment to finish 2nd to him today.

I wasn't very happy with my 2nd race, I started in 3rd position and was closely followed by Harry Burton. On the last lap I couldn't hold him off any longer and he out-jumped me over a downhill jump, dropping me down to 4th place.

I got another good start in the 3rd race, this time I was hitting the downhill jump faster and managed to keep Harry behind me.

I was really pleased to finish 2nd in the championship, with most of the riders around me at least a year older, I'll be trying really hard to win it next year! Thanks to everyone who has supported me or cheered me on at the races this year.

Final championship positions:

1st Nathan Claughan 2064 points
2nd Callum Crossland 1812 points
3rd Matteo Minchella 1637 points
4th Jake Naisbitt
5th Jack Bennett
6th Kieran Thompson

10 October 2010 Pickering Motor Club MX - Haygate East Yorkshire Championship Race 1 - 7th best lap 1m 4s Race 2 - 8th best lap 1m 4s Race 3 - 9th best lap 1m 3s Race 4 - 8th best lap 1m 6s Race 5 - 8th best lap 1m 7s Overall - 7th (1st 65cc)

We always do the Pickering races for a bit of fun at the end of the season. We only live 10 minutes away so it's a nice relaxed late start. There's never a very big youth entry so the club groups all the riders aged under 17 together and gives us 5 races. It's a bit funny lining up against massive teenagers on full size adult 125cc bikes and the little 65 is a bit underpowered against them, especially as the track is very flat and very, very fast! I couldn't believe my first race start when I went into the first corner leading the race HaHa! As expected the bigger lads soon pushed their way past, but I was really pleased with my speed all day. Although it was only a flat track it was great practice for corner speed and braking.

16-17 October 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Armthorpe 65cc Junior Championship - Round 20 Race 1 - 5th best lap 1m 48s Race 2 - 4th best lap 1m 49s Race 3 - 5th best lap 1m 51s Overall - 3rd

Saturday was the championship presentation night and it was nice to have some great fun with my racing mates. I also discovered I like the taste of champagne, especially when standing on the podium!!

There was a big entry for the races on Sunday with a lot of different riders entered in the 65 class. Quite a few of my older friends have now moved up to the Small Wheel 85 class and it was good to see them all doing so well on the bigger bikes.

The races went well & I loved the track today. The 2nd race was my favourite, I was about 3rd into the first corner then made some quick passes to move into the lead, then I just went for it as fast as I could. I opened up a bit of a gap and finished the first lap in the lead. It felt awesome! There were some really fast lads behind me and Christopher Mills took over the lead on the 2nd lap. He's one of the fastest 65 riders in the country so I was pleased to hang onto 2nd place for most of the race. On the last lap I made a mistakes passing some lapped riders and lost a couple more places right near the end. I wasn't too disappointed though, it had been a great race!

24 October 2010 Pickering Motor Club MX - Haygate Club Championship - Youth Class Race 1 - 7th best lap 1m 6s Race 2 - 8th best lap 1m 8s Race 3 - 9th best lap 1m 16s Race 4 - 12th best lap 1m 16s Race 5 - 5th best lap 1m 25s Overall - 8th (1st 65cc)

The weather was really wet today, it rained for all the youth races and the track got muddier and rougher for each race. I enjoyed the track though, it got really technical with loads of lines. There was very little grip with the tyres clogging up with mud and it was a challenge to just stay on the bike and finish the race. I was coping well with the track, but had a small crash when my back wheel spun out round a corner in the 4th race, there was a much older lad behind me on a 125 and he had nowhere else to go, so rode right over my chest! I like to test my body armour every now & again!

31 October 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Armthorpe 65cc Winter Championship - Round 1 Race 1 - 3rd best lap 2m 15s Race 2 - 3rd best lap 2m 14s Race 3 - 4th best lap 2m 16s Overall - 3rd

The club added a new rhythm section into the track for this event with loads of extra jumps which was great fun to ride. The track was in perfect condition, damp and grippy without being too wet. The races went well, I rode smooth and consistent, stayed on all day, we finished early, packed up and headed home for my Grandma's Halloween party and some Trick Or Treating!

7 November 2010 Pickering Motor Club MX - Haygate Club Championship - Youth Class Race 1 - 2nd best lap 1m 18s Race 2 - DNF (bike broke down) Race 3 - DNF (bike broke down) Race 4 - 2nd best lap 1m 19s Race 5 - 3rd best lap 1m 17s

A cold, wet Winters day, but a nice technical muddy track with loads of different ruts and lines round the corners. The weather must have put a lot of people off as there were only 3 youth riders in the races! Me on the 65 and 2 older lads on 85s. We had some bad luck with the bike this week when it kept stopping in the 2nd & 3rd races giving us our first DNFs of the season. Dad swapped quite a few engine parts between races, but we're still not sure what the problem was, so we'll have to do some testing before the final event of the season in 3 weeks time.

28 November 2010 White Rose (Yorkshire) MX - Armthorpe 65cc Winter Championship - Round 2 Race 1 - 4th best lap 1m 51s Race 2 - 7th best lap 1m 50s Race 3 - 6th best lap 1m 51s Overall - 5th

We left our house on Saturday afternoon during a heavy blizzard and sub-zero temperatures. After a pretty scary journey we finally arrived at Armthorpe and set up camp in the snow. Dad set up the awning while we all sat in the camper with the heating on full, then he had to climb on the roof to sweep off all the snow and ice and sort out the satellite dish so Mum could watch X-Factor. It was a nice cosy night inside, but when we got up in the morning it was -10
°C outside!

The track had been worked on quite well, it was free of snow but stayed pretty frozen all day. My Dad just told me to ride smoothly and be careful when putting the power on and braking hard. I really didn't want to fall off today on the solid track!

The hardest part was the start, because the back wheel just span when the gate dropped. I went totally sideways in the 1st race and went round the 1st corner right at the back of the pack. I soon started passing people though and eventually got up to 4th place which I was very pleased with. I couldn't feel my hands after the race, they were so cold.

I changed my starting technique for the other races and sat much further back on the seat to get more grip. My Dad spent a lot of time preparing the dirt around the gate and it seemed to work as I got my biggest ever holeshot in the 2nd race. I was about 4 bike lengths in the lead at the end of the start straight! I held the lead for most of the first lap, but soon started to get passed by the riders who were a lot braver than me! I was a bit disappointed with the final results, but at least I stayed on and went home in one piece! The journey home in the snow was even worse than the day before, but the camper coped really well in the extreme conditions.

Well that's the end of another season and I've now got a few months off to get ready for an exciting 2011 season. Thanks to everyone who's helped me out or given me encouragement this year!

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